Paul W.


Economist and Management Educator

Economist / Consultant / Corporate Director / Professor Emeritus



        Paul W. MacAvoy is the Williams Brothers Professor Emeritus of Management studies at

        the Yale School of Management.  He has held chaired professorships at MIT and the

        University of Rochester, been Dean of the Management Schools at Rochester and Yale. 

        Professor MacAvoy served on President Ford's Council of Economic Advisors, and as the

        cochairman of the Presidents Task Force on Regulatory Reform.  He holdshonorary

        doctorates from Bates College and Scared Heart University and the Cross Medal from Yale



        Professor MacAvoy has written numerous journal articles and books, including The

        Unsustainable Cost of Partial Deregulation (Yale University Press) and The Failure of Antitrust

        and Regulation to establish Competition in Long-Distance Telephone Services (The MIT Press).


        His current writing projects include editing and commenting on a select set of letters and papers

        written while a member of the Council of Economic Advisors in 1975-1976.  Also as shown here,

        he is completing as co-author, a 1,200 page compilation of leading works on deregulation.

        He has been a member of the Boards of Directors of the Alumax Corporation, the American 

        Cyanamid Corporation, the Chase Manhattan Bank Corporation, the LaFarge Corporation, and

        the United States Synthetic Fuels Corporation.  His research, teaching and consulting

        assignments are listed on his Curriculum Vitae.  Last of all, Professor MacAvoy is reputed to

        have been the inventor of the term "voodoo economics" an occurance that took place on the

        GHW Bush porch at Kennebunkport Maine in 1977.






January 2008- June 2013





                                    Williams Brothers Professor of Management Studies, Emeritus

                                    Yale School of Management, 2004 to present





                                    Visiting Professor of Economics

                                    Brown University, 2004 - 2005


                                                  Dean, Yale School of Management, 1992 - 1994

                                    Williams Brothers Professor of Management Studies 1994-2004


                                    McLaughlin Visiting Professor of Business Administration

                                    The Amos Tuck School of Business Administration

                                    Dartmouth College, 1991 - 1992


                                                   Lester Crown Visiting Professor of Public Policy and Business Administration

                                                   Yale School of Organization and Management, 1990 - 1991


                                     Dean and John M. Olin Professor of Public Policy and Business Administration

                                     William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration

                                     University of Rochester, 1981 -1990


                                     Frederick William Beinecke Professor of Economics

                                     Department of Economics

                                     Yale University, 1981 -1983


                                     Milton Steinbach Professor of Organization and Management

                                     Yale School of Organization and Management, 1977 - 1981


                                     Member, President's Council of Economic Advisers

                                     Co-Chairman, President's Task Force on Regulatory Reform

                                     The Ford Administration, 1975 - 1976


                                     Henry R. Luce Professor of Public Policy and Management, Sloan School

                                     of Management

                                     Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1974 - 1975


                                     Associate Professor and Professor of Management, Sloan School                                                            of Management. 

                                     Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1966 - 1974


                                    Assistant Professor of Economics, Department of Economics

                                    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1963 - 1965


                                    Assistant Professor of Business Economics, Graduate School of Business

                                    Ford Foundation Faculty Fellow, The Law School

                                    University of Chicago, 1960 - 1963





                                    Yale University:  Ph.D, 1960; M.A., 1956; Wilbur Cross Medal, 1982

                                    Bates College:  A.B., 1955, LLD (hon.), 1976

                                    Sacred Heart University, LLD (hon.), 2002

                                    American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Elected Member, 1981




                                    Lafarge Corporation, 1993 - 2004


                                    Alumax Corporation, 1993 - 1998; successor director to same position

                                    at AMAX corporation, 1978 - 1993 


                                    Open Environment Corporation, 1993 - 1996


                                    The Chase Manhattan Bank and Chase Manhattan Corporation, 1992 - 1996


                                    American Cyanamid Company, 1977 - 1980; 1986 - 1994


                                    Gleason Corporation, 1987 - 1993


                                    AMAX Gold, Incorporated 1980 - 1993


                                    Combustion Engineering, Incorporated, 1980 - 1989


                                    Colt Industries, Incorporated, 1984 - 1988


                                    United States Synthetic Fuels Corporation, 1985 - 1986


                                    Air One, Incorporated, 1983 - 1984 


                                    The Columbia Gas System, 1977 - 1978





                                     Member of the Board of Trustees, Sacred Heart University, 2002 -


                                     Co-Editor, The Journal of Strategic Management Education, 2004 - 2005


                                     Member of the Board of Trustees, Bates College, 1977 - 1982 and 1997 - 1998


                                     Panel Member, The Government's Role in Civilian Technology

                                     National Academy of Sciences, 1991 - 1992


                                     Elected Fellow, American Academy of Arts and ciences, 1981 to date.

                                     Member, Candidate Selection Committee on Public Policy and 

                                     Business Administration, 1994 - 1998


                                     President's National Productivity Advisory Committee, 1982 - 1984


                                     Presidential Appointee, Council of The Administrative Conference of the

                                     United States, 1980 - 1981


                                     Adjunct Scholar, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

                                     1977 - 1985


                                     Member, Commission on Law and the Economy, American Bar Associations

                                     1977 - 1981


                                     Member, Massachusetts Public Power Study Commission, 1974 - 1975


                                     Project Administrator, The Finance Ministry Privatization Project,

                                     Republic of Indonesia (In conjunction with) (Harvard Advisory Group, 1971 -                                      1975).


                                     Founding Member, Energy Policy Studies Group MIT

                                     Energy Laboratory, 1974 - 1975


                                     Adjunct Fellow, Program in the Regulation of Economics Activity, Brookings

                                     Institution, 1970 - 19

                                     Founding Member of the Council of Economic Advisers, State Government

                                     of New York, 1969 - 1972


                                     Founding Editor, The Bell Journal of Economics and Management Science,

                                     1970 - 1975


                                     Member of Presidential Task Force on Revision of the Antitrust Laws

                                     ("Neal Task Force")

                                     The Johnson Administration, 1967 - 1968


                                     Staff Economist, Council of Economic Advisers,

                                     The Johnson Administration, 1965 - 1966


                                     Law and Economics Fellow, Ford Foundation Faculty Research Fellow

                                     University of Chicago Law School, 1962 - 1963





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                               Trustee of ProMedCo Recovery Trust v. Jack McCaslin, et. al.  Examination of

                               corporate governance issues related to the failure of a physician practice

                               management company. Examined breach of fiduciary duty of Directors and Officers


                               White Paper on assessment of the performance of the board of directors of Pacific

                               Gas and Electric holding company in financing the PG&E utility during the

                               California power crisis of 2001-2002; July 2002


                               Economic analysis of Echostar's proposed acquisition of DirectTV.  Expert report

                               and rebuttal report prepared on behalf of NRTC (the National Rural

                               Telecommunications Cooperative), (April 2002)


                               Expert Report, Deposition and Trial Testimony on behalf of U.S. Department of

                               Justice; Economic analysis of the representative market or field price for natural

                               gas produced in the East Texas nd Gulf Coast during tax year 1976 conducted

                               for the purpose of establishing depletion allowances.  Exxon Corporation and

                               Subsidiaries vs. United States, United States Claims Court, 2002


                               Expert report and deposition testimony:  assessment of monopolization claims in

                               the pharmaceuticals industry.  Report prepared on behalf of Barr Laboratories,

                               et al, January 2001 in re:  Barr v Invamed.  Deposition testimony, May 2001


                               Declaration submitted on behalf of SBC Communications, Inc. in the Matter of

                               MCI WORLDCom, Inc. Federal Communications Commission Docket no. 99-333.

                               Economic analysis of whether the proposed merger was in the public interest,

                               May 2000


                               Prepared direct testimony on economic issues related to fixed cost recovery in

                               power plant contracts.  Submitted on behalf of Duke Energy Power Service, LLC

                               in Federal Energy Commission Docket Nos. ER98-496-00 and ER98-2160-000

                               March 2000


                               Expert report and deposition testimony:  assessment as to whether the deliberate

                               conduct of management brought about the shutdown of the Northeast Utilities'

                               Millstone 3 nuclear plant from March 1996 to July 1998.  Report prepared on

                               behalf of the non-operating owners of the Millstone 3 Nuclear Power Unit, 1999.

                               Deposition testimony, May 1999.


                               Delaration in support of Bell Atlantic's petition to provide in-region, interlata

                               telecommunication services, submitted to Federal Communications Commision

                               in Docket no. 99-225, 1999


                               Memorandum submitted to the U.S. Department of Justice regarding the

                               competitive effects of a proposed joint venture in the entertainment industry.

                               Confidential client, 1999


                               Affidavit submitted on behalf of Phillips Petroleum regarding economic aspects of 

                               an alleged price fixing conspiracy involving heavy-lift marine transportation. 

                               Phillips Petroleum Company Company, et al. v. Heeremac, et al., 1999


                               Affidavit submitted on behalf of Panhandle Eastern regarding competitive issues in

                               the natural gas industry, Panhandle's interconnection policy, and alleged Sherman

                               Act violations.  Riverside Pipeline Company, et al. v. Panhandle Eastern Pipeline

                               Company, United States District Court, Western District of Missouri, 1998


                               Consultant to Telecom Italia on issues related to the reform of telecommunications

                               policy in the United States and its applicability to Italy, 1998


                               Statement in favor of HR2372.  Hearings of the U.S. House of Representatives,

                               Committee on Commerce, Subcommittee on Telecommunications, Trade and

                               Consumer Protection, 1998


                               Consultant to FOX News on economic aspects of antitrust litigation.  FOX News

                               Network, L.L.C. v. Time Warner, Inc.,  Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P.,

                               Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. and R.E. "ted" Turner III, 1997


                               Direct Testimony before the Canadian National Energy Board for Nova Gas

                               Transmission Company regarding the Application by Alliance Pipeline Ltd. for a

                               Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity pursuant to section 52 of Part III

                               of the NEB Act, and for an Order under Part IV of the Act respecting toll design

                               and tariffs, 1997 - 1998


                               Rebuttal Testimony before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regarding

                               Southern Natural Gas Company gas purchase contracts in the 1980's, 1997


                               Direct and Rebuttal Affidavits on benefits and costs of Bell Operating Company

                               entry into long distance service markets, before the Federal Communications

                               Communications Commission, CC Docket No. 97-137 under Section 271 of the

                               Communications Act of 1996.  Separate affidavits for Ameritech (Michigan),

                               Pacific Bell (California), and Bell Atlantic (Pennsylvania), 1996-1997


                               Affidavit on economic effects of regulation of foreign-affiliated entities as market

                               entrants in international outbound long distance telephone markets from the

                               United States.  In the Matter of MarketEntry, Docket No. 95-22, Federal

                               Communications Committee, 1995


                               Direct and Rebuttal Testimony before the Illinois Commerce Commission regarding

                               the pricing of wholesale telecommunication services.  Petition for a local exchange

                               service wholesale tariff from Illinoi Bell Telephone Company pursuant to Section

                               13-505.5 of the Illinois Public Utilities Act, Docket No. 95-0458, 1995


                               Direct Testimony and Cross Examination before the California Public Ulitities

                               Commission: Economic analysis of the Commission's proposed local competition

                               rules, including wheher the rules afford local exchange carriers an opportunity

                               to earn a fair return on invested capital.  In Order Instituting Rulemaking on the

                               Commission's Own Motion into Competition for Local Exchange Carriers, 1995


                               Statement on the economic effect of "reach back" payments in the Coal Industry

                               Retiree Health Benefit Act of 1992, for the Reachback Tax Coalition.  Hearings of

                               the U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Ways and Means,

                               Subcommittee on Oversight, 1995.


                               Direct Testimony, Rebuttal Testimony and Cross Examination before the Winconsin

                               Public Service Commission:  economic analysis of regulatory policy for the

                               establishment of competitive local telephone services, including the pricing of

                               interconnection, unbundled network elements, and wholesale services.  In

                               Investigation of the Appropriate Standards to Promote Effective Competition

                               in the Local Exchange Market inWisconsin, Docket no. 05-TI-138, 1995


                               Direct and Rebuttal Testimony before the Michigan Public Service Commission on

                               the pricing of wholesale telecommunication services.  In the Matter, on the

                               Commission's own motion, to Establish Permanent Interconnection Arrangements

                               Between Basic Local Exchange Service Providers, 1995


                               Direct and Rebuttal Testimony before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

                               regarding a proposed ratemaking method for an oil pipeline, and assessment of

                               business risk claims.  SFPP, L.P., Docket Nos. OR92-8-000, et al., 1995


                               Direct Testimony before the California Public Utilities Commission regarding the

                               adoption of customer pre subscription for intraLATA toll services.  In the Matter

                               of Alternative Regulatory Frameworks for Local Exchange Carriers,

                               Docket NO. I.87-11-003, 1995


                               Direct Testimony before the California Public Utilities Commission regarding

                               competition in international outbound long distance markets.  In the Matter of

                               Entry and Regulation of Foreign-Affiliated Entities, IB Docket No. 95-22, 1995


                               Expert Report, Deposition and Trial Testimony on behalf of U.S. Department of

                               Justice:  Economic analysis of the representative market or field price for natural

                               gas produced in the East Texas and Gulf Coast during tax year 1984 conducted

                               for the purpose of establishing depletion allowances.  Exxon Corporation and

                               Subsidiaries vs. United States, United States Claims Court, 1994


                               Affidavit submitted on behalf of four regional Bell Operating Companies:  Economic

                               analysis of competition in long distance telecommunications.  U.S. v Western

                               Electric, Inc. and AT&T, Civil Action No. 82-0192 (HHG), 1994


                               Direct Testimony before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on behalf of

                               Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation: Analysis of market conditions in the

                               natural gas industry for the purpose of evaluating gas purchase prudence issues.

                               Docket No. RP93-125-000, 1993


                               Direct Testimony before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on behalf of

                               Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation: Analysis of the supply and demand

                               conditions within which Texas Eastern purchased  gas over the period 1978-1993

                               Docket No. RP85-177-102, et al. 1993


                               Report:  Analysis of the effects of Mojave's pipeline extension on gas transportation

                               costs and rates in the State of California, for Pacific Gas and Electric Company

                               FERC Docket No. CP93-258-000, 1993


                               Member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission task force on developing a

                               framework for assessing competetion in natural gas transportation

                               (The Commissioner Terzic Task Force) 1992-1993 as representative for the

                               Interstate Natural Gas Association of America


                               Economic Analysis of refiners' passthrough of the Citronelle (Oil Field Price Control)

                               exception relief (with Joseph P. Kalt).  Statement to the special refund procedures:

                               The 341 Tract Unit of the Citronelle Field, LFX-0008, Office of Hearings and Appeals

                               US Department of Energy, 1992


                               Direct and Rebuttal Testimony:  Matter of arbitration involving ProGas Limited and

                               Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation: Economic analysis regarding the

                               re-determination of pricing provisions in a gas purchase contract.  1992


                               Direct Testimony before the Federal Energy Reulatory Commission on behalf of

                               Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation: Analysis of economic issues related to

                               pipeline market power in Texas Eastern's service markets in the northeast

,                              FERC Docket No. RS92-11-000, 1992


                               Assessment of alternative techniques for valuing natural gas for severance tax

                               purposes, for Marathon Oil Company, before the State of Alaska,

                               Department of Revenue, Docket No. 89314, 1990


                               Testimony and Report on the economic effects of Unitel Communications, Inc's

                               application to provide public long-distance telephone service in Canada, for

                               British Columbia Telephone Company, before the Canadian Radio-

                               Telecommunications Commission, 1990-1991


                               Direct and Rebuttal Testimony: Econoic analysis of market power in the natural

                               gas pipeline industry for Texas Eastern Transmission Company in Equitrans, Inc V.

                               Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation,

                               FERC Docket No. CP90-2154-000, 1991-1992


                               Comments on FERC notice regarding pipeline service obligations, Submitted to the

                               Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on behalf of the Panhandle Eastern

                               Corporation Pipeline Group, 1991


                               Statement: Antitrust Issues in the Atlantic City Casino Industry, BPHC Aquisition

                               Inc., et al. and BPHC Parking Corp. v. Boardwalk Properties, Inc., Penthouse

                               International, Ltd., and Donald J. Trump, et al., 1990-1992


                               Economic Analysis and Witness Testimony on antitrust issues involving dominant

                               firm conduct in the movie distribution industry.  US. v. Syufy Enterprised, before

                               the U.S. District Court in San Francisco, 1988


                               Airline Pilots Association v. Trans World Airlines.  An assessment of the financial

                               status of Trans World Airlines, before the Supreme court of the State of NY, 1988


                               Report for the Templeton Foundation: On Establishing a World Class Business

                               School at Oxford University by Paul W. MacAvoy, Merton Peck and Richard West



                               Testimony and Report on the effects of bypass of the gas distribution pipelines

                               in the California natural gas retail market, for Southern California Gas Company

                               before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 1987-1988


                               Research Report on the economic effects of airlines' computer reservations systems

                               for US Air et al. v. American and United Airlines, 1986-1988


                               Research Report on the competitive effects of automobile company joint ventures,

                               for Chrysler Corporation, to be presented to the U.S. District Court of Columbia,

                               in Chrysler Corp. v. General Motors - Toyota, 1985-1986


                               Research Report on the economic effects of the sale of Conrail to the Norfolk

                               Southern Railway, for the Norfolk Southern Railway, 1985-1986


                               Direct Testimony on the economic impact of imports of Aramid Fibers on U.S.

                               Domestic Kevlar Sales for Akzo Chemicals Corporation, before the U.S.

                               International Trade Commission in investigation No. 337-TA-194, 1985-1986


                               Testimony on the competitive effects of the SFSP merger, for Santa Fe-Southern

                               Pacific Corporation, before the Interstate Commerce Commission,

                               In ICC Docket 30400, 1985


                               Testimony on economic effects in Department of Transportation hearings regarding

                               transfer of Pan American Airways Pacific routes to United Airlines, for Eastern

                               Airlines, 1985


                               Testimony before the U.S. Postal Rate-Commission regarding cost allocation

                               techniques in setting postal rates, for the Magazine Publishers Association 1984-



                               Testimony regarding long distance rate structures in New England telephone

                               service, before the State of Maine Public Utilities Commission,

                               Docket No. 83-213, 83-179, 1984


                               Testimony on pricing strategies in regulated long distance telephone service

                               markets, for American Telephone and Telegraph Company, in U.S v. AT&T Co.,

                               F. Supp. 131 (D.D.C. 1982) 1978-1982


                               Consultant to the Regulatory Reform Task Force of the Economic Council of Canada



                               Consultant to the Federal Energy Office on econometric modeling of energy

                               Supplies and demand, 1973-1975


                               Testimony on the El Paso-Pacific Northwest gas pipeline merger, for the U.S.

                               Senate Commerce Committee in hearings in Seattle, Washington, 1971


                               Project Administrator for the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia

                               on the efficiency of nationalized industry (on contract from the Harvard University

                               development Advisory Service) 1971-1974


                               Consultant to the Economic Planning Board of Puerto Rico, on large-scale

                               energy complexes, 1970-1971


                               Consultant to the State Department, on large-scale desalting in Israel 1966-1967


                               Consultant to the Ford Foundation, on the proposal for a domestic non-profit

                               television satellite system, 1966



ADDENDUM, 2008-2013



                                P.W. MacAvoy and R.L. Schmalensee, The Causes and Effect of Deregulation

                                (Edward Elgar Publishing, Ltd, 2013)












































































































































































































































Edited by Paul W. MacAvoy, Yale School of Management and

Richard Schmalensee, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US


In the first half of the 206h century there was a movement to complete a regulatory system

of the infrastructure industries in transportation, telephone and basic energy forms -

electricity and gas.  As these industries discovered new technologies, questions arose about

their effectiveness and the need for sustaining their regulatory commissions into the new

century.  Industry experts in government, the regulated service providers and in economic research joined a largely successful effort to close them down.


Alongside an original introduction, the carefully selected analyses provided in this volume consider the political and economic forces behind the eradication of regulatory commissions and answer the question of how this vast institutional turnaround took place.  Did these closures lead to more efficient operations or just make way for new technology?  The answers found here will be useful in appraising the extremely large emerging regulations in financial and information markets.


This collection will be a valuable source of reference for anyone interested  in the

process of deregulation.



41 articles, dating from 1968 to 2012

Contributors include:  S. Borenstein, J.A. Hausman, P.L. Joskow, a.E. Kahn, R.NOll, S. Peltzman,

N.L. Rose, G.J. Stigler, P. Temin, M.D. Whinston

Dec 2013 c 1,440 pp  Hardback 978 1 78100 692 4 c E475

The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics Series




About the International Library of

Critical Writings in Economics series


Founding editor:  the late Mark Blaugh, formerly of the University

of London and University of Buckingham, UK


This acclaimed series brings together previously published contributions to

the field of economics spanning the last few decades.  Much of the important

literature is still spread across a range of sources and is ofter difficult to access.




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